Friday, April 4, 2008

Free Woodstove on Craigslist

3 .....That is the number of days our advertisement has been on Craigslist.

2548...that is the number of people who called and said "Hold it for us! We are loading up the trailer and will be RIGHT OUT!!

2....That is the number of people who called and said "Sorry, we are not coming after all. Don't wait up." Thank you kind and responsible people. Thank you.

4.... the number of Oregonians who called and didn't know where Mt. Hood is located. Turn around and open your eyes, people.
FYI: Mt. Hood is the almost 12,000 foot tall, snow covered mountain sticking up directly to your East. Very picturesque and makes for a prominent landmark when looking for our house. (this geography lesson was offered free of charge)

2....the number of people who kinda scared me when they called.

1.... person who emailed me and said they couldn't afford to drive out here, but really wanted the free wood stove, so maybe we could "work something out." Ummmm, tempting. But no.
2...Strong guys who actually showed up and hauled that wood stove off my deck.

0....number of times we'll do this again.

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