Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What's new?

So much. So, so much.
We'll start with the big ticket items.
I turned 52.
I know. Happy Birthday to me.
What this meant this year is that I needed to go to DMV and renew my driver's license.
Good times.
So I went the day before my license expired because I work better under pressure.
After I took my eye test and paid my money, they had me step over to the plastic, government approved chair to have my photo taken. The one that will won't expire for 8 long years.
But I was ready for this challenge. I knew I didn't want to smile and look like a grinning lunatic.
I went instead for what I thought was a serious, deep, thoughtful expression.
I wanted my eyes to tell the story. (Have I watched too many episodes of America's Next Top Model? Perhaps, perhaps.)
This is what I got.

My eyes told the story alright.
They tell the story of a down and out woman who was arrested for shoplifting PopTarts in Walmart. This is her mugshot.
It is obvious that she did not get to eat the PopTarts. Hence, the sad, sad eyes.

"Sad eyes...turn the other way....I don't wanna see you cryyyy..." (Sorry if you are old like me and you remember this song and now it is stuck in your brain.)

Have a happy rest of your day. :-)

P.S. Clearly, I cannot schmize, thus proving that I have NOT watched too many episodes of ANTM .
The end.