Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The home stretch

You've almost made it!
The way I see it, you are all divided into two camps: those who are waiting for a puppy to come home and those who are quite tired of all the puppy talk.
This is the home stretch.
Here are pictures to cap off the the Season of the Puppy, aka the Dog Days.

Niece Maddie cuddling with a new little friend. Maybe not so little.

This is where Maddie slept while she was here. It is the guest room, after all.

Puppy kisses. So sweet.
Maximus and Lockjaw chillin'.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Because I'm a giver...

It  has been arduous couple months around here. What with all the roly-poly puppy wrestling, breaking up puppy squabbles (ahem, Samantha),  eating puppy meals family style 3-4 times per day, puppy poo, friends visiting and children playing and hugging puppies, it has been a delightful but tiring season.
When you try to fit running a business, family and Christmas in around puppy time, things move fast.
So it was time to schedule a puppy vet visit/day spa and just rejuvenate.
We needed some quality "Me" time.
All the puppies were up for it and, with Reader Brenda's indispensable help, we loaded everyone up into the SUV and headed into G-Town.
 It was a quiet and uneventful trip and we enjoyed Christmas music along the way. While it was not exactly Silent Night, nobody was Rockin' Round the Christmas Tree. It was all good.
 Joy to the World.

Everyone is in excellent good health, although one of our little girls had a bit of a cloudy eye due to an eye infection when she was a week old, she is just fine, improving and no treatment is needed. The pups weigh from 8.00 lbs (Samantha) to 11.80. (Maximus)

Sure, we can play in here...but what's out THERE?

Zeus checking out the Vet's office
Brutus looking concerned with the vet and his super-assistant.
Ebony with Dr. Richards having her eye checked.
Lockjaw looking slightly concerned.
Poor, worried Maximus being examined.

Whoa, what a puppy! Dr Richards and his amazing assistant, Amy check out Brooklyn.

Random group shot.

Reader Brenda gets some snuggle time with itty bitty little Maximus.

Ebbie being held by the world's best vet assistant. And best daughter. Did I mention Amy is my girl? :-)

Brooklyn needed to be sedated (NOT!!) during his mani-pedi. They were so relaxed during this visit it was unbelievable.

Max lounging after his mani-pedi. Yep, these pups just need to rein it in and calm down.
Brutus really needed to be heavily restrained during his spa treatments.

Samantha resting after the exam. They obviously were very traumatized by their first vet visit. :-)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


We work hard to desensitize your puppy to every possible situation. You never know when your pup will run into a cartoon character.
It could happen.
Now they are ready.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy 302nd!!

This is my 302nd post.
I thought we should celebrate.
A puppy video would enhance the party atmosphere.
Maybe it will even make this headache go away.
Here ya go.
Because I care.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

And this little puppy...

....finally found a home!

Congratulations Lisa S. and family on finally finding your bullmastiff puppy, Ebbie.
She misses you already.

I should probably ask permission before I publish your photo for all the world to see....
Naaawww. Where's the fun in that?

Now with Lisa deciding on Ebony, this means that 4, yes FOUR, puppies will be traveling back down to California with my dog-loving sister, Jackie and her amazing daughter, Maddie.

Can you picture this without cringing?

Me, neither.

Be brave, little soldier. Be brave.

Maybe I should  send Lucy down with you to give you breaks.

She's real helpful.

 Sound good?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Before Puppies

Does anyone remember a time before puppies?
Maybe it's just me that can't remember.

I don't even know, but here are some fun pictures and a video.
Maybe I don't want to remember a time B.P.
Maxinus...advertising for Meyer Duct Cleaning. And a broom.
What do you mean nobody has picked me yet? I'm the last one? Nooooooo!!

Bellying up to the bar. Or the trough.
This doesn't get old. I do. But this doesn't.

See? Doesn't get old.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekend puppy update

They are 5 weeks old already.
Almost time to go to their new families. I am not gonna lie; we have been through alot with thses pups and we are going to miss them.
Who wouldn't miss these faces?

Or these faces?

The best part of our day is getting to snuggle, wrestle and kiss these puppies. They make us smile and we know they will make you smile, too.
We still have one beautiful, stocky girl puppy available. I am wondering who is going to end up with her. We had a couple people interested last week, but both ended up not being able to buy her. It will be fun to see where she ends up.

Here is a short video clip of Rod with the puppies this morning. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dear Puppies,

Dear Puppies,
This morning when I came out into the kitchen to begin making your 1st breakfast and saw you in the hallway again, I was not amused. The partition is there to keep you in, not simply slow you down and build your climbing skills. Please stop breaking out.

Ebony, our only puppy still available. I call her Ebbie. Too bad she's not cute or anything.
Something you might not be aware of is that if you poop enough on anything, it will eventually smell poopy, even though I wash and wash and wash it. Right now, you might notice that your bedding blankets smell April Fresh with a subtle poopy aroma. This is not considered a good thing in polite company. Something to think about.

When you look up at me with your soft puppy eyes, I AM going to scoop you up and kiss  and snuggle you. This cannot be helped. I am  like Pavlov's dog.
In reverse.
Kind of.

Please. Stop the  excessive whining, howling and barking when you smell bacon frying. You are not going to get any. No matter what. That is all.

Please stop scratching us with your little demon claws. You are like Ninja Cats the way you claw anything within paw's reach. You have made me bleed enough. Thank you.

Consider using your table manners while dining. I understand that your Puppy Mash is served family style, and that you are very competitive with your siblings. But there is no call to climb in the food dish and wallow around like you do. Didn't your Mama teach you any manners? Never mind. I know her. She didn't.

Back to the poo.
Could you just ease up a bit? Back off or at least slow down? A suggestion; maybe use the absorbent puppy pads I've thoughtfully provided for you. And then maybe don't walk or play in it. Again, just a suggestion.

Finally, I would like to submit to you all that you are the best, most cuddly and sweet puppies ever. You make me melt in a puddle.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Eye of the Beholder

My photograpy skills are legendary.
Do not try to compete with them.
You will fail.
In an epic way.
I have lots of evidence.
Photograhic evidence.
Case in point:
Amy's photograph of Rod holding a puppy. (Maximas to be exact)
This was taken with her phone. In other words, not a great tool. But she made the puppy the center of the picture.
Now mine. Taken with an expensive Sony camera.
Words are not needed here.

As  I said, my photography skills are legendary for a reason.
This is it.

If you would like to see more amazing photographs from our trip to the zoo, please go to this blog post where my skills are documented for the world to see.

Especially if you are someone that has recently asked for my advice on what kind of camara to buy.(cough cough erich cough)
 Because, clearly, I have loads of talent and plenty of  solid advice.

I thought I would end our work week with a short video of our puppies. Because my life truly does revolve around puppies at this time.

My disclaimer on the puppy video is that I had to use my camera, rather than my Flip video because my Flip video is in FL on vacation with Josiah, Ashley and Max. The lighting is poor, so you can hardly see them or their new collars. Just use your imagination as to how cute they are.
That is all.

Okay, I'll add one more picture so everyone will know that their fat little piggy puppy is getting fed.
Puppy key:
Hagrid-turqouise (looks light blue)
Tiger-lime green
Samantha-brown floral

PS: I laid down a few sheets of newspaper under their dish, thinking this will help with clean up.
I don't know....what do YOU think?