Monday, June 24, 2013

Little Baby Elephants

I only titled this "Little Baby Elephants" because I'm a little tired of trying to come up with puppy titles. And your puppies sound like little baby elephants when they stampede across the floor for a meal. Plus, they are the approximate size of little baby elephants.
And so are their poop piles.
(I'll try to keep the poop comments to a minimum this post. But it is difficult as the smell of it seems to be permanently burned onto the inside of my nostrils.)
Anyway, if you haven't let us know when you are coming to pick up your puppy, please do so now. (Yes. Right this second. Drop what you are doing and call or email NOW.) Just kidding. But do let me know. It should be somewhere between July 1 and July 6. I'll have your paper work and puppy ready for you. :-)
Now for pictures of your little guys and girl. These are just random shots taken in the last few days.
Here is one of the little fellas coming out of the back yard. (JUST KIDDING!)( But they are huge!)
Uncle Cooper teaching Bruce to dig. You're welcome.

Uncle Cooper teaching everyone else to dig. Again, you're welcome.

Having fun in the sandbox.

Will you still love me even if I dig like a mole?


You have a mosquito right...there. Got it!

What shall we do now?

I know!

Well, hello there, handsome.
Alice having some girl time with Mama.

Henry having some rough housing time with Uncle Coop and Mama.

Rod carrying Bruce and Earl out to their barn playroom. What big babies they are!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Well, this is fun.

Puppies went to see the vet today. I think they enjoyed the car ride because nobody fussed too much. And there were no accidents in the car. (Accidents OR accidents, either one. Which is good.)

There were only two accidents at the vet's office. (I won't mention any names, but their initials are Winston and Alice.) But I was able to stealthily wipe it up before anybody even knew it happened.
Once Dr. Christiansen came in, it was all business.
Except for the occasional kiss, cuddle and coo. I finally had to remind the good doctor we were expect far more professional behavior. (Only kidding. We never let up with the kissing, the cuddles or the cooing.)

Buster is the biggest of the bunch, but barely, weighing in at 12 lbs.

Alice getting checked out. She had already somehow removed her collar before we even left home.
 To my great dismay, there was nothing wrong with your puppies. No heart murmurs on Winston or Buster no extra toes or tails on Alice or Bruce, no kennel cough for Earl and no goiter on Henry. The vet said they were healthy as could be.
  I'm not going to lie. Rod and I have discussed this and if anything was wrong with your pup, we would let you know, offer our condolences and keep your puppy. Please don't hold this against us, but we may have even prayed about it once or twice.
 (Only kidding.)
(Kind of.)
Stll Alice getting checked.

Earl getting weighed. He and Bruce weighed the same at 11lbs 15 oz.

Today, I am in the trenches with feeding every four hours, cleaning up every four minutes, and showering just to try to remove the puppy chow stench from my hair. But, I have to admit, today I got a little teary thinking of all these puppies going to their homes. I will miss them each so much.
Then I'll have a glass of nice wine and get over it. :-)
But seriously?
 I L.O.V.E. your puppies.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Puppy Palooza

I don't know how many more times I can come up with a title for these posts. I'm going to have to start using a numerical system.
Anyway, I thought today should be chock-full of pictures of your precious little bundles of poop joy.
Here is a key so you can figure out who is yours.

  • Earl- dark green collar
  • Henry- royal blue collar
  • Alice-light blue collar (yes, I know I said it was turquoise, but it looks more light blue in pics.)
  • Winston-lime green collar
  • Bruce- red collar
  • Buster- black collar
Clearly, I am a professional bullet point user. Hold the applause, please.
Enough of all the chit-chat. Here is what you came for:
This is Alice; no collar on yet.

Alice and Winston; still no collars.
Collars on and the scratching commences.(Henry and Earl)


Earl, in case his collar is buried in his rolls.

Oh, poor Lucy! They are about to knock her over! It couldn't get any worse!
Oh, wait. Yes it could get worse. Dang it.
Hope you all enjoyed your puppy visit today. Remember, it is only three short weeks until you bring them home! I will miss them, but I won't miss all their poop. :-)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hello Sunshine

It is finally warm and sunny enough, and the puppies are big enough to be brought outside. I think you puppy owners are going to be shocked at how big your puppies are now. You probably won't even recognize them.
Here they are:
Only kidding. (I really crack myself up!)

Those are not your precious little bundle of joys. But yours are growing up, so be prepared!
Here are some pictures of your puppies out doors.

I don't know why this shot never gets old.

Make-out session

Stopping for a quick bite. Literally. A quick BITE. Poor Lucy.

Rolling around with puppy-friends. Jealous, much?

Last, but not least, meet Jen, our newest puppy owner. If you are FB friends with me, you have probably see her picture a few times with each of our bullmastiffs. Now, she finally gets one of her very own so she can leave mine alone. Hurray for Jen and her family!!
My headless husband handing Jen their newest family member.

Does she love him? (If she did, he would have a name.)

Is she happy? (If she wants me to be happy, she'll tell me his name.)
And, last but not least in this picture-rich puppy blog: