Sunday, June 22, 2008

Someone should help us

Rod and I should not be allowed to pick out colors for anything. We can't match colors. We think shades go together that monkeys deep in the Amazon rain forest know clash.
So we went and picked out colors for the outside of our house.
You heard me.
It is as though we are actually advertising that WE CAN'T PICK OUT COLORS.
We began painting the trim first. We kept encouraging each other with phrases like, "Well, that's bright, isn't it." Posed as a statement, not a question. Because people working at the International Space Station could see that, yes, it is bright.
After a while, I figured out that I recognized this particular color. It reminded me of something.
John Deere Green.
The color of farm implements and lawn mowers.
Bright, shiny new tractors.
In our defense, it is named by the Glidden paint people"Deep Waters."
Just a little FYI, Glidden paint people.It already had a name.
John Deere Green.
It is making us want to drink red, red wine.
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