Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh, no she didn't!


7:00am:Plain Cheerios and skim milk for breakfast.

10:00am: Cleaned stalls and helped Rod clean barn. Worked hard.

11:00: Walked dogs and puppy-goat for an easy mile or so.

12:00pm: Lunched on tuna and mustard on a thin slice of whole wheat. 10 almonds. Cheese stick. Carrots.

1:00pm: Hiked alongside an energetic and slightly mischievous 2 year old horse for more than four miles. Sweat alot.

5:00pm: Rod left to watch Lakers on TV with his Dad and Josiah. I ate tomato soup and 12 Reduced Fat Ritz crackers. (Yes, I'm counting.)

9:30pm: I woke up because I heard Rod arrive home and calling out: "Anybody want some leftover chocolate birthday cake?"

9:31pm: Moving into the kitchen and reaching for a fork before my body even knows I am out of bed. I am a Chocolate Cake Ninja.

9:33pm: Back to bed. I'm exhausted. And full. And happy.
(the second fork is Amy's, my partner in crime who also woke up like the Dawn of the Dead Cake Zombi and helped make the dessert disappear.)

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