Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scurvy Predators

I snapped this picture yesturday morning. I was getting our coffee (Starbux Gazebo...today's fave.) and I looked out the kitchen window in time to see this scurvy predator beautiful blue heron. The truck is like a tree stand perfect perch for the bird as he surveys his breakfast our trout pond right below.

I know Rod is not happy that the blue heron hs been making our trout pond his own personal McDonald's drive-thru, picking up his Filet 'O' Fish whenever the mood strikes him.

But to use Rod's work truck to get a better view is just adding insult to injury.

This morning, I was cleaning up the kitchen, when I noticed Lila sitting and staring solemnly at the counter. Once in a while , she would heave a sigh in a much put-upon manner. Finally, I looked over to see what she was staring at so intently.

Ahhh. A girl after my own heart. She just wanted a little butter with her breakfast. She is polite. She won't take it without permission.

Which makes me think of a friend, (I won't mention her name, but her initials are "LINDA")

who, as a little girl would eat butter sticks.

Yes, you heard me. Sticks of butter. I actually have dreamed of doing that.

You'd think she would be as big as an Escalade, but honestly, she is more like a Mini-Cooper.

And she can sing like a blue heron bird.

I wonder if all the butter helped?

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