Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jobs and Job

B'ness has been slow lately. SLOOOOOW. As in DEAD. Work has been harder to come by than unicorn tears. So, each day we pray for work, and we ponder the feasibility of selling our children.
Only kidding.

Unless you know someone who is interested in the fastest barista in the Western Hemisphere or the highest ranked Call of Duty player in Oregon. And he comes with a wife and child. But I don't think I can legally sell them. Not that I would.
Call me.

Anyway, I was reading some Charles Spurgeon last night to Rod out on the deck. C.H.S. was writing about Job and his afflictions and trials.
I know, I know.
Mine don't even come close and yours probably don't either. But he said, "The best piece of furniture I ever had in my house was the cross of affliction. Adversity is the richest field in all the farm of life."

It is rich because we grow during these times. I need to be reminded of that, even in my small suffering and worry. (But honestly? The best piece of furniture in our house is the leather lovesest.Or the pillow topped bed. It is a toss-up)

Mr. Spurgeon ended his chapter on Job by writing this:

"God is glorified not so much by preserving us from trouble as by upholding us in our trouble. In trials we are tempted to grow impatient for God's deliverance, to doubt his wisdom, and to despair of ever being happy again.

As I read this 22nd verse (Job), I wetted it with a tear. In all Job's trials he did not sin by blaming God, yet I, who have suffered so little have often sinned and blamed God. Haven't you? If so, let your tear follow mine. But the tear will not wash away the sin. Fly to the fountain filled with blood and with it wash away your sins of impatience, bitterness rebellion and unbelief."

So this morning, as I went on my run on the Heavenly Loop, I was able to sincerely and honestly thank God for our small suffering, knowing that he loves us and will refine us, bit by bit. I looked at our situation in light of the incomparable immensity of God and the incomparable love of Jesus. It was the best time of worship that I have had for months. The burden of anxiety and worry have literally been lifted off and laid down.
Big sigh of relief.
Now I have to go get ready for the day because we get to watch baby Max today! And I have to post an ad on Craigslist.
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