Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jesus. (and a little Valium.)

Tomorrow I go in to the dentist to have some cavities filled and an infected wisdom tooth pulled.



There really is no comforting way to put it,is there?

A dentist is going to shoot some Novocaine in my gums and yank a tooth out of my head.

I am skeert and very, very afeard.

This is why they are giving me a Valium an hour before hand.

Now I am afraid of what unfiltered things I will say to the dentist and his assistant.

I will probably think I am being quite witty and funny. But reality will be that I am saying wildly inappropriate things and yelling angrily and laughing or crying for reasons nobody can fathom.

Sounds like a normal day in the life of a peri-menopausal woman.

Not that I would know.

Hopefully I will not remember a thing when it is over.

Hopefully the dental office won't send me a "please don't ever, EVER come back here again" form letter like the other dental offices sent me.

Though a big part of me feels angry that I even have fear about the dentist, I still find myself seeking comfort and relief from my fears and anxiety by reading some Psalms and talking with Jesus.
Reading verses from a good friend while another friend let me know SHE IS PRAYING FOR ME (all caps, all bold font says it all.) has really moved me. Good thing she is praying because I am pretty much saying eloquent things like "helpmehelpmehelpme-pleaseohpleaseohplease." I am all articulate like that.

He has given me a sense of peace as well as a sense of humor about it. Plus, that Valium should come in handy.

In other news around Diane-World, Christmas and New Year's have flown by in a swirl of twinkling lights, sparkles (hello, Prosecco) and elastic-waisted sweat pants.

I like to dress up, yes I do.

The kids are still living here.

Let's pause for a moment.

Just kidding. No need to pause. Everything is good on the homefront. Nobody has been murdered yet. But if you don't hear from me for a while, please do some digging around the back yard. I'm guessing somewhere near the garden. The ground is softer there.

Josiah and Ashley are still waiting on finding out when Josiah will be leaving for Afghanistan. Ashely is working and both of them are in school, just starting their winter terms. Max is being his perfect, roundy baby self.

Amy just got promoted at her vet clinic and is now working more with the patients (animals.)

Today I heard her asking Josiah how you check pulses and so he is showing her with his fingers on his wrist and explaining the counting when she says, "No, not like that. Let's go try it on Lucy." Lucy is our bullmastiff.

I think Lucy and Lila are going to get lots of free testing. :-)

Cracked me up.

Here she is listening to Lila's heart. Lucy is in the waiting room resting in the comfy chair.

There is my January update for you. We are all alive and well,.

At least until tomorrow...
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