Thursday, June 30, 2011


That is my voice echoing eerily on the inside of my empty, empty house.

The kids, all FOUR of them, have moved out.

When Rod and I are not dancing merrily around in our underwear (Rod) or pajamas (me) or shouting out "Dang it, Jim!" using our extra-loud outdoor voices, we miss the kids.

Yes, we do.

We don't have Amy throwing herself on the recliner after a long day of work with the "BEST ENCHILADAS I HAVE EVER HAD" and regaling us with vet assistant stories that usually include flying blood and other bodily fluids.

We don't wake to the smell of Josiah making us breakfast in bed.(and by "breakfast" I mean: eggs, bacon,pancakes,biscuits,gravy,toast,fruit,o.j. and coffee.It's an embarrassment of breakfast riches.) I'll miss the smell of BBQ as he grills ribs. Not so much the sound of the door slamming as he comes in from a late night wing run.

I will miss all my shopping expeditions with Ashley. Most of which were accomplished in front of our computer screens while wearing sweats or pajamas and drinking our hot coffees.And I'll miss our shared joy of watching some reality shows and commenting throughout.

We miss the sound of Max's bare feet pounding through the office to our bedroom and then slamming the door open to say "Good morning." Or "Gguughhh!" Whichever.

We knew it was just for a season.
We'll miss that season and always remember it fondly.
Now we are looking forward to the coming seasons. And I know the kids are.

But the house is sure quiet right now.



Love you all!
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