Friday, October 14, 2011

Guess who is having Bullmastiff puppies?

Lucy the Lion! This is Lucy when we first brought her home from the airport. She has hardly stopped running.
Unless she is sleeping.
Or eating.

Here she is with Rod and Polly. (Rod's the one in the flannel shirt.)
Lucy, of Oregon has been bred to AKC Champion Aristocrat's Luca Brahma-
Bull, of Maine. I'll write more and show some pictures of him in a day or two.
In the meantime, I will take this opportunity to share lots of favorite Lucy pictures.
Because she is pregnant.
And because I can.
Here she is as a young dog looking as regal as a bullmastiff should.
Here is Lucy with Rod while we were horse camping in the Ochoco Mountains this year. Not the best shot of ol' Squint Eye, but hopefully Rod won't be looking at the blog anytime soon. This picture just shows Lucy's exuberance and love.
By the by, did anyone else notice that Rod is wearing the same shirt in both these pictures with Lucy, even though this is two years later? Maybe I should shop for him more often.
But I am too busy to shop for him because LUCY IS GOING TO HAVE PUPPIES!!
This last picture demonstrates how ferocious Lucy can be.She clearly wants her own space and doesn't take any guff from anyone, not even Auntie Jen, who just wanted a moment to read her Kindle while camping. We won't let Jen sit on Lucy again until after the puppies are here.
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