Monday, April 2, 2012

Super Fast

I lost 20 lbs. already!
Give or take 21 lbs.
My sister and I began The Great Juice Fast of 2012 this morning.
 About 4 hours ago. 
I feel fantastic! And, so far, I have only felt really hungry once, when someone mentioned spaghetti on television. 
We are basically just having freshly made vegetable and fruit juices for 10 days.
I am pretty sure this would exclude a bowl of cake batter or a basket of fish and chips.
But, oh! The Fresh Fruits! and the Fresh Vegetables! Can I get a hand clap of praise for all the produce?!
They are so pretty, but I'm not gonna lie. They cost me a pretty penny.
Also, I am going to have to find room for them in the fridge. I guess if I didn't have so many condiments and various cheeses of the world, there would be room.
So, this is my attempt to cleanse and to rid my body of toxins and heal myself of various food (sugar, white flour, alcohol) addictions. (is caffeine is conspicuous by it's absence? ) I almost sound holy.
 Who am I kidding? I want to lose a few pounds.
Now I'm just lying.
I want to lose a BOATLOAD of weight!
I need to. Jackie, A.K.A.: Skinny sista, does not need to. I will lose for both of us. 
I have also read that some people can rid themselves of certain conditions, like migraines. Jackie and I have both suffered from them and are hopeful that eating healthier might reduce the number of them that we get.
I'll keep you updated on  our progress. Way more than you probably want me to. But I'm a giver like that.
FYI: Please understand that I am kidding and exaggerating about expecting to lose a BOATLOAD of 
weight. Not that it wouldn't be nice, but I want to eat in a healthy way, not starve myself to death. The end.

As some of you know, we went to pick Josiah up from the airport yesterday. He is now home from Afghanistan for good. (can you hear my heart mending? It is.) We also had his son, Max with us, and I took a little video. Not as good as most videos you'll see on Godvine, etc., but it is a huge moment in our family. Enjoy!

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