Monday, April 15, 2013

Max and op.

This should be a short post. Max spilled his hot chocolate on my keyboard yesterday and even after a frenzied cleaning, a few of the letters are sticking quite a bit.
Like the nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
So, here is a photo album of Max and pregnant Lucy which I took before I strung Max up by his toes by spilling his Starbucks hot chocolate on the keyboard. What a total waste of chocolate-y goodness!
Leave us alone.

Fine. You can take some pictures.

What are you thinking about. Nuthin'. What are YOU thinking about?

I'm thinking I'm gonna give you a big kiss! Hold still now.

Or, I'm thinking I'm gonna shoot you with my gun.... (The looks on each of them here is priceless. Too funny!)

Never mind.


Nothing says Love more than a cuddle with a dog as big as you are. Or quite a bit bigger. Who are we kidding?

Okay, I'm starting to get bored with this...(Gosh, those wires in the background are so annnnnnnnoying)

And....I'm done.

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