Monday, July 1, 2013

Good-bye Earl.

I can't help but think of the Dixie Chick's song with that title.
But, not only did we say good-bye to Earl, but we also bid a fond farewell to Buster.
The rest of the pups go to their homes on Friday or Saturday, right after this heatwave that makes me want to kill myself  finally goes away.
The heat and I are not BFF's.
I will blame the heat for the way I wasn't paying attention when some new puppy owners left with their puppy. Lucy saw them and laid down on the driveway waiting for them to come back. She slowly turned her head and stared reproachfully at me when I called her to come in. It took a fist sized chunk of Tillamook Reserve Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese to coax her back in the house.

This morning, Lucy has been looking in all the puppy areas for her missing pups. She searched under the deck, in the bushes, in the barn, in the nighttime puppy room and crawled into the puppy play pen. I keep trying to distract her with her pups that are still here, but she sniffs them and then continues the search, whining quietly every now and then.
Maybe it is the treacherous  heat that has sapped all my brain power, or maybe I'm just not that bright, but I can't think of anything to distract her.
Maybe bacon.
Yeah, bacon helps everything.
Now we all know why I turn to food to comfort myself.
 It works.)

Here are some pictures to distract you from the horrific heat wave that is coming to kill us all. ( this is according to the news program I watched this morning entitled," Heatwave 2013" and the font was all flamey. And their big tip was "Remember to stay out of the heat and drink plenty of water." Oh, what ever would I do without the news to instruct me? Probably die, in the MASSIVE MONSTER HEATWAVE;2013!!)
Staying cool.
Working on getting her girlish figure back.

Bruce on the trail.
Patrice with her new love, Buster.

Pam taking Earl back home to George.
Heartbreaker Winston in the sandbox. Love his face!

Winston and Bruce telling secrets. Or face-biting. Whatever.

Alice looking like the beautiful bullmastiff that she is.

It seemed right to end the blog with this. See the heart on Alice's tail? It is easier to see in person. How cute is that??

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