Thursday, February 22, 2007

Barrel of monkies

So I feel I owe an apology to Amy and Josiah one of whom brings up the vast difference in numbers of pictures between them when they were small and the puppies.

Two words, Amy. "Digital cameras." And you know we love you.

That said, we have more cute stories and pictures to share of PuppyWorld. (you know you want to see them more tham anyone,Amy)

So I tossed Lila's monkey over onto the chair in the living room the other day while I was picking up. It makes a whining, howling, semi-monkey like sound which Lila has always seemed to enjoy.

Well, here comes Lila, bolting out of the room where the pups are, she finds her monkey, gingerly(okay, as gingerly as a bullie can) lifts it up and takes it back into the room. I grab the camera and follow.

She put it with the puppies and has been caring for the poor orphan monkey ever since. We now have 10 puppies. I think we should charge more for the monkey as they are more rare. And it is harder to feed.
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