Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Every day and night I can tell the growth that the puppies are going through. This morning, however, one puppy stood out not because he had grown so much, but because he was thin and lethargic.
That is certainly not something we want to see. I removed him from the group and brought Lila out and let him feed by himself. He tried, but it seemed he was so weak that he was not able to suck.
Next we tried the bottle with the puppy formula. Ford (yes that is his puppy name) kept trying, which is great, but seemed unable to get any in.
Now I was reaching the certifiably terrified stage.
Rod kept trying to feed him and later, after noticing some blood in his stool, made a call to the vet.
All I could think was PARVO which would frankly be a death sentence for our whole brood. But the symptoms didn't add up, and how would he have got it?
Well, it seems like Ford might have an infection, perhaps from getting his dew claws removed, and maybe his immune system was weaker than the other puppies. So the vet gave him antibiotics and hydrated him,then sent him home again.
We are feeding him with an eye dropper, keeping him warm and hoping for the best.

Puppies are so fragile, blind and deaf at birth. Completely dependant on their mother (who sits on them, by the way) and her people.
Ford is now even more fragile, unbelievably so, but is fighting every step of the way.
I don't think they understand how dependant they are for every aspect of their life.
So similar to my ignorance of our Father Creator taking care of my needs, even while I am blindly unaware.

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