Thursday, August 23, 2007

I know it's not all about dogs

But somedays all you need is a hug from a puppy to heal what ails you. I hadn't realized that I'd been so depressed until one morning I woke up and felt almost euphoric as I went about my daily chores like cleaning toilets. What? That makes no sense.
But then I figured out that I felt "normal" for the first time in a long time, and normal now felt euphoric.
Wow, had I been that down? Maybe the crying on a daily basis should have been a clue.
Josiah getting combat training preparing for Afghanistan is partially responsible as is having to sell all our horses, and changing our lifestyle.
I prayed to have God's perspective in this time, and focus on His will, not my own. Such a hard thing,when I always tend to set myself up as the center of my own universe.
So, puppy days with my friend are nice. A breather. Time not to ponder the bigger issues of life here on our little planet, but smell the sweet puppy breath.
Here is my friend Nanci, with her new best friend.

What could possibly be more adorable that Macie (Hollie and Luke's darling daughter) with a puppy, right before she tries to shove it through the fence or put it in the swimming pool. No, she didn't really do that while we were watching, but apparently she does try to injure or kill them on a daily basis, in a misguided attempt at nurturing. Wonder whose example she might be following, hmmm? Luke? Hollie? Thank goodness for the watchful eye of her mother.
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