Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A need for speed

I never thought I had a need for it, but recently I have discovered a joy in riding on a fast moving ATV. Who knew?
The wind whipping in my hair, the bugs in my throat, the gritty dirt in my eyes and the exhilarating speed. Ah yes, the speed.
Yesterday, I confronted my fear demons and gradually pressed on the gas until the world was flowing by like I was in the center of a fast moving tropical storm. When my tearing eyes were able to make out the speedometer I saw I had indeed broken my previous speed records. I was flying along the sun dappled forest trail, with no thought to my own safety, at 22 mph.
Woo hoo!!
Has life ever been any better?
That would be a "No".
This is F-U-N.
My friend, Nanci, says we have "Quadwife Syndrome", which apparently means our husbands will suffer when we no longer cook or clean for them.
But they did promise to love us, in SICKNESS or in health and I'm guessing Nanci, that a syndrome qualifies as a sickness. Besides, aren't they out there with us on the quads? They'll never notice that the bed is not made or that they're having cereal for dinner....again.
Besides, I think that the only known cure for Quadwife syndrome is more....speed. :-)
(up above you can see me along with fellow Quadwife sufferers, Brenda,(with her daughter) and Pat. We are starting a support group soon. Below you can clearly see the after effects of quading on a dry dusty day. Joy and dirt)
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