Monday, January 7, 2008

Snow Days

I seriously love me some snow days. Give me snow over rain any day (maybe not in May or June) and I will do a celebratory dance. A pile of books, some coffee interspersed with hot chocolate, Rod and I out riding quads through the cold drifts is the description of a perfect day to me.

But right now there is a snow storm socking in Afghanistan which means Josiah's plane cannot take off. This means he is waiting, bag packed and nothing to do while he dreams of home.

His girlfriend Ashley has kept in contact and we ask each other daily if we've heard any news. Nothing yet. Still waiting.

Here is Ashley and Josiah before he was deployed. Don't you want to say, "awwwww." I know, me too.

So, we'll wait and pray for safety and patience. Thank you Lord for watching over all of us, for holding us when we cry and joining us when we laugh. Please take care of Josiah and bring him home safely. Watch over and comfort Ashley as she waits for Josiah's arrival. Thank you for her positive presence in his life.Thank you for being our Abba. I love you Lord Jesus.

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