Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Good Morning 2008

Today, Rod and I are going for another Bomb-voy. Scary sounding, isn't it?

But no, it is perfectly innocent fun. We gather with other diesel truck enthusiasts and hit the road as a convoy for a few hours, then stop for a good meal together.Last time we traveled to Mt. St. Helen's. You can see pictures here . We really enjoy spending time with these good people.

Something that hit me hard yesterday happened during an instant message conversation with Josiah, my son. (He is currently serving in the Air Force, stationed in Afghanistan.

Josiah mentioned that it was now the new year where he was and I asked, "How is 2008, so far?"

Josiah said, "It's dark." Then, "There is bombing going on."


Not quite the New Year's celebration most of us think about having, is it?

Here I am, a mom, sitting comfortably in my office and talking to my son halfway around the world,huddled in a dark hut, in a war zone. (Okay, maybe he wasn't actually huddling. But that is what I picture. And it makes my mascara start running, I can tell you that.)

It is dark at the Forward Operating Base where he is because they have a "black-out conditions" policy after dark.

The bombing is in response to the mortars being launched and it is close enough to Josiah for his hut and the ground to shake. Although it does not go on every single day, it is often enough that it does not worry Josiah anymore, like it did when he first arrived there. "You get used to it." he typed yesterday.

That's something any mom would enjoy hearing. Her son is not scared of the bombing anymore.

In the midst of this I am filled with gratitude to God for our technology which allows this conversation between a son and his Mom on New Year's Eve.

I am thankful for these men and women who are serving their country in these conditions while we have our celebrations and parties.

I am thankful that Josiah is coming back to the United States within a few weeks. He has been away for four years, and deployed during most holidays. I am ready to have a celebration where we don't have to talk on the phone.

I pray for Josiah and his friends' safety and return home. Sometimes those prays can only consist of "Please God, please God, please God, please God...." But I know that he totally understands my pleas. He loves Josiah more than even his blogging mother can fathom and He directs our steps and has dominion over the universe and everything in it.

Then my prayers turn to "Thank you God, thank you God, thank you God, Thank you God...."

Happy New Year to all of you. "May the Lord of peace himself give you his peace, at all times and in all situations. The Lord be with all of you."
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