Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You should be so jealous

(original date: 8/08)

Because Rod and I take the most professional digital photos ever.
Of course I have the proof right here. And you can order copies of any you like especially well.

These are from our trip to the zoo last week.

I'll just make a few editorial comments about each photo, because some have a little story behind them. But mostly I'll try to just keep quiet and let the enormity of our gift speak for itself.

First we have the majestic bald eagle. We caught them looking startlingly unlike themselves and rather like large crows as they groomed themselves.
In fact, you can hardly tell that they are our stately national bird. It is as though we've stripped them of their dignity and basically their identity. That is not easy to do, my friends.

Here, if you look closely, you'll see the elusive zebra. Rather than take a portrait type shot, we have chosen a more subtle view. Like the zebras themselves.
You probably can't even tell what our next little friend is. That is because no one ever thinks to capture the backside of a meercat like we do. Enjoy.

The following two photos would make a lovely framed set. They are the black and white Colobus monkeys. The second picture we zoomed in for a close-up. Our skills defy imagination. (The fence is the story)

The following is one of my favorites. The blurry background and the crisp, clear stalk of grass speak to my soul.
I'm sure you'll agree that we have captured the joyful exuberance of the polar bears playing together in their water here. This was our favorite exhibit of the day.

The next photo was taken in the "Bat Cave" while the bat keeper was in with them cleaning up.(Seriously...not enough money in the world) Rod had just tapped a couple times on the glass, trying to get the bat keeper to turn around and wave at us for a picture. But, strangely, he ignored us and just kept cleaning. We didn't see the warning "DO NOT TAP ON THE GLASS" until we came home and downloaded our pictures.

I don't think the we would have got the gesture we were hoping for if the bat keeper had responded to us. But he shouldn't be too upset. Only a couple bats got upset with Rod's tapping and swooped down on the guy. Hope they don't bite. (If you look closely, you can see the warning on the glass)

Eventually even animal lovers like ourselves get bored with snapping shots of our furry friends and begin taking pictures of each other. In the following picture, you can tell by my expression that I am thinking, "Here I am at the zoo. I'm lookin' good, standing here with my hand on my hip. Oh yeah, I've l've lost so much weight, I bet I look like I did in high school."

Yeah. High school. Hmmm. I look more like I ate three of my high school classmates.

Oh well. I am still wogging and still losing that lovely muffin top that I seem so proud of. Just at a more leisurely pace than I thought, obviously.

This picture comes to mind:

Oh, stop it! If I can't make fun of myself, who can? The clear answer here is NO ONE. So don't even try. Only I can make fun of me, for any reason.

I hope you enjoyed our trip to the zoo through our photographs. If you would like to order copies of any of them, contact me.

FYI: none of the above photos have been edited or Photo Shopped at all. In fact, we don't even KNOW how to use Photo Shop!

I am also thinking of starting a photography blog with hints for beginners and advice for professionals along with a whole gallery of our work for viewing and for sale.

There is a possibilty that I need to have another hobby to fall back on besides the butter.

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