Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Things heard on the way to see the baby

"We have to go! We have to go now!"

"I can't find my phone"

"I can't find my wallet. You better drive."

"Did you put Chopper's cone on him?"

"Now! Come on! We gotta go!"

"Oh my gosh, thank you, God, for this great day!"

"Oops." (drove right by Amy's street)

"How excited are you?!"

"I'm going to just grab him when no one is looking and run home with him."

"I think I'm going to call him Squishy Biscuit. Or maybe Pinecone."

"I can't believe we're finally going to meet Max!"

"What if he is a midget?"

"I can hear my phone ringing! It's probably Siah! Someone get my phone! Find my phone! Answer the phone!"

"You need to calm down so you can drive. Please."

"We're almost there. I still can't believe this. Don't you think Siah is going to be a good Dad?"

"Are you crying again?"

"I don't care what color his hair or eyes are. He's Max."

"I hope Ashley is okay. I'm so worried for her."

"Why can't we go in there yet?"

"Do you think I could sneak in the room if I were wearing scrubs?"

"I think I'm gonna climb through the heating ducts and drop in their room. I really think I could do it."

"Here comes someone! Oh...it's just a nurse. Dang it."



"How about G-pop?"

"Poppa. That's all."

"Yay! Finally!"

"Oh, my gosh." He is so perfect."

"Blond? Really?"

"I love him so much already."

"Aren't his feet huge? What is up with that?"

"Oh, my gosh. What a handsome little mister."

"I am so happy."


"Thank you, God."
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