Wednesday, March 25, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

You know what I like?
Freshly washed, 600 thread count sheets on a good pillow top mattress. Sleeping in a room with the window open to the cold spring air and the sounds of softly falling Oregon rain while I'm bundled up in a down comforter.

Hearing the sounds of Rascal Flats sing "Life is a Highway" from the barn in the middle of the night because SOMEONE left the radio on out there. Again. NOT.

I think Rod listens to country music just because he has a barn.

I can say that just because I have a blog. And I am up in the middle of the night listening to his country music drift across the yard while he is gently snoring.

I suppose I could get dressed and go turn it off....
Complaining is so much more fun. Plus, it makes me sound kinda country.
I'm going back to bed.
Night, y'all.

BIG P.S. That was written at 1:04 am.
I couldn't fall asleep for H.O.U.R.S. I last looked at the iHome clock radio at 4:02. When I did, I seemed to hear Mandisa faintly singing about My Deliverer....hmmm. Strange.
That song would not be coming from Rod's Hillbilly Mecca out in the barn.....

But it WOULD be coming from MY ipod on the nightstand, volume turned so only a canine and someone trying to sleep and annoyed because they thought their husband left the radio cranked in the barn could hear it.

My bad. I may have blogged a tad too quickly. Rod snored through the whole thing.He obviously didn't leave his radio on. I left my iPod on. (Yes, Rascal Flats is on my Running play list on the iPod)
Don't tell him, okay. But this whole thing would make a mighty hokey country song someday. I'll work on it.
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