Thursday, November 29, 2012


Can you see him playing Tunnel with Nana?
Last night the phone rang. Well, not the phone, exactly. It was Skype and I was already on the computer, so I answered.
It was kind of dark when the video started, but I could hear enough snuffling,shuffling noises to know it was Max.
This was my view from the iPhone when Max left me to go get his toys

But where was he Skyping from? Turns out he "borrowed" his Daddy's iPhone and was secretly Skyping his Nana while hidden in a box.

Have I mentioned how much I love this boy?

We talked and laughed and pretend cuddled.

He sang me the Daddy song (Daddy, Daddy, Daaaady, you're my best friend!" Then he sang the Nana song )Nana, Nana, Naaaaana. You're my best friend EVER IN THE UNIVERSE!)

While we played "Tunnel", Max had to leave me a few times to go gather up important supplies such as his blankie, his Froggie, two books  and his Play-Doh.

Precious, right?

I went and got my pillow so I could lay my head on the desk while he cuddled in his blanket. He told me he was all warm and asked me to sleep in the tunnel with him.
Part way though a book Max was reading to me , I heard his Daddy looking for him.

Suddenly the top of the box opened and Josiah said, "Max, what are you doing in there.....Mom? What the heck?"
We all laughed pretty hard.

 Each time Max would leave to go get more things, he would close the box lid on me and instruct  me to wait for him.
 I did.
I would wait in the box all day, precious boy.

Note to self: No need to spend too much on Christmas presents for Max this year.

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