Tuesday, December 11, 2012


It looks like Cinderella Lucy is napping next to an old mop.
So we kinda knew when we got a Goldendoodle that we would have to do some type of grooming. But I thought we could just do it at home. We trim our horse's ears and stray hairs when needed, occasionally rarely. But we do it.
But Cooper the Doodle had hair that grew and grew and grew. It is a veritable mud magnet.
Here are some BEFORE pics.

Yep, I put a pony in just so I could see his eyes.
Doesn't he look like a giant muppet? (Cooper, not Rod.)

So last friday we finally decided he needed to go see a professional groomer. He is not the only one in the family that needs professional help, but that is beside the point.
Cooper went in for a 4.5 hour spa day. He was petted, pampered and polished. I think he had a fabulous day. AND he didn't look like a mere shadow of his former self, like we were afraid would happen. He looked like Cooper. Only better.
 We can see his eyes! We can see his eyes!

Here are some pictures. Sorry for how bad they are, but I am still experimenting with the new camera.

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