Monday, February 25, 2013

Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Rod went to work angry this morning.
And limping.
Bela, the love of his life, kicked him in the thigh yeaterday. This after they had traveled over hill and dale for hours and she had been as sweet as honey the entire time.

He reached out for her lead rope to take her into the barn and tuck her in for the night,
That is when the little darling struck. Rod instantly became the Horse Whisperer, as he lost his voice from the pain.

I was watching the Oscars (glad you won, Ann Hathaway. Nice dress, Charlize Theron. Also love your pixie cut.) so I missed the "attack."
Perhaps I would have been more sympathetic and it would have impacted me more (get it?) had I seen it.
Clearly, looks can be deceiving.
Not that I didn't feel bad about his pain. I did and I do. Rod is angry at Cabela because he feeds and cares for her, so he feels she should reciprocate by being kind, sweet and calm, and be interested and energetic on the trail.
He feels she shouldn't bite the hand that feeds her.
She should not bite. Or kick.

Side note: One time, Rod's parents offered to take  us out to dinner.  Rod started grumbling when they showed up early and I tried to hush him so they wouldn't hear. He sighed, and said. "You're right. You should never bite the dog that takes you out to dinner." That is now a treasured saying in our family lore.
As is another gem Rod coined, "Home is where you hang your head." I could write hundreds of posts with Rod's sayings.
As he was describing his complicated feelings towards Cabela, he said, "I guess I really appreci-hate her."
Rod is like a walking blog post. A bruised and limping blog post.

My Monday will be better than his.

I really like Mondays. They are routine. I get certain chores done every Monday. I do bible study. I take the dogs on walks. I make dinner. I do business work from the weekend. I believe Mondays are the anchor of my week.
After reading what I just wrote, I believe the vote is in:I am the most tedious,mundane person on the planet.
 If I were smart, I would delete it all and go mountain climbing or para-sailing so I could write an exhilarating blog for you.
But no. You get to hear how I wash my sheets every Monday and look forward to...
wait for it....
clean sheet night on Monday nights. Woohoo!! There should be a parade celebrating Clean Sheet Night. But that would be too exciting for my blog.
I'm sure all of my Monday Fun is so inspirational for you. If you are inspired to, say, go organize those darn kitchen cupboards, than my job is done. If you are banging your head on your desk because that is more fulfilling  than reading this blog, then I apologize. Just know you are appreci-hated anyway.
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