Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Guardian Project Guest Blog

Brandy Maddox from Purposeful Living asked me to do a guest blog (I just actually typed "guess blog.hmmm.) this week.
So I did. Here is the linky: Guest blog.
Brandy is involved in a brand new project called "The Guardian Project" and they launched just this week. I'm super excited about what they will accomplish, and along with that, I am so moved by their hearts for the most vulnerable people group anywhere; the unborn.

The Guardian Project is raising funds to outfit an ultra-sound machine into a mobile unit. This way, they can take the ultra-sound technology directly to the women who have need of it.
Abortion-minded women.

 Studies have shown that a vast majority of women who view their child on an ultra-sound do not go through with an abortion procedure. (Wonder why the people at the abortion clinic didn't let me see, or hear, the ultra-sound when I was getting ready for an abortion....?)

Go to The Guardian Project website, like them on Facebook and see how you can be involved with this amazing work God is doing through these people who just asked God, "What can I do?"
God bless them.

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