Monday, October 28, 2013


I love fall weekends. Especially when I get to have my grandson, Max over to spend the night. 

First, Max and Papa Rod carved the pumpkin. It IS Halloween week, after all.

As I'm looking at these pictures,besides thinking how serious they both look, I'm wishing someone would scrape out the inside of my head, too.I wouldn't even mind of I had the carving knife sticking out of my nose like that pumpkin has. It would be a blessed relief, I tell ya. That is how bad this freaking cold is. And it lasts and lasts and lasts. It has worn out it's welcome. (The cold, not the pumpkin. Not that the cold was ever even welcome.)
After the jack-o-latern carving, we did all the usual Nana-Max things. We fed the horses, made cookies, played with his Hot Wheels (and Papa rescued one from the bathtub drain!) read books, rescued Max from his fall in the pond, played in the sand box, walked home in the pitch dark because the quad broke down in the woods, ate snacks, watched cartoons and made waffles and sausage for breakfast.
You might have noticed a couple things that seemed a little out of the ordinary.
Yes, Max fell in the pond while he was showing us how he could balance. Oops.
He only cried for a few minutes and then he was rather proud of his survival.
It was awesome. :-)
Later that same night, I pretended I was Daring Nana and asked Max if he would like to take a night time ride on the quad. I wrapped him in my jacket, hugging him tight and carried him to the quad. He didn't need his shoes, right? 
While riding, I became Rule-Breaker Nana and decided we would ride up the trail and into the woods. The neighbors generally frown on people riding quads in their woods, but I figured they would forgive me for one quick night time ride with Max. Besides, they were in Idaho, so I wouldn't even be disturbing them. (Aren't you happy I am not YOUR neighbor? Seriously.)
The October air was brisk and the woods were dark and tantalizingly scary. It was fantastic and we felt free and unencumbered by gravity as we flew down the trails. (by "flew down the trails" I actually mean 10mph. Just so you know)
 Until the quad completely quit on us. The headlight went out. The engine died. We were alone. 
Oh, except Cooper, our Goldendoodle was with us.  
Cooper loves everyone and everything. He would probably think an ax-murderer was his new BFF  and greet him with much wagging and licking. Such a help.

Halloween week  took on a whole new meaning. Suddenly, I was Nervous Nana.
It was a long walk back home, carrying Max in my jacket because he had no shoes on.
Did I mention it was dark? And cold?
It all ended okay, though. We warmed up and Josiah and Rod went to get the quad the next day. It had just blown a fuse. as far away from the house as possible. But I am finished with trying to be Fun and Daring Nana. For a while, anyway. 
All's well that ends well.
What does that even mean?
I don't really know and my head to too stuffed up to think anymore.
(That is my disclaimer for this quick post when I haven't blogged since August.)
Have a Happy Halloween, everyone!

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