Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Juicing with Jackie!

The exclamation point in the title should help make you excited about this post. It works for me.
My sister Jackie and I spoke on the phone yesterday and she casually mentioned Dr. Oz's three day detox juicing plan.
I was all over this idea like stink on Lucy. (yes, she is stinky. She found another dead unknown dead carcass and rolled around on it. Dis.gust.ing.)
Jackie and I  have juiced together before, and she is a fun and reliable partner, keeping me motivated and on track.
 Oh, wait. That was wine. Never mind.
 I don't know that I completely believe the entire detox theory, but I do love me some delicious juices and smoothies. Especially if they are made up of my favorite breakfast foods; Pop-Tarts, bacon and Cap'n Crunch (with Crunch Berries!) spinach, flax seed and almond butter. Mmmm-mmm.
Juicing for a few days does make me feel more energized all day. It makes me think I am doing something good for myself.
Running does the same thing, cheering me up and making me better, i.e. kinder, more patient, more positive, prettier, smarter and all around better than YOU. to be around. At least that is what I tell myself. (over and over.)
Oh, wait. Maybe that was wine, too.

Here's a thought: Maybe I should blend in a few Ricola cough drops and a couple Dayquil. I don't think it could hurt and perhaps the medicinal qualities of Dr. Oz's breakfast juice will be vastly improved and this cold that Rod gave me on purpose will die a quick death.
The verdict on the breakfast smoothie is that it is quite tasty and very refreshing. There are a few spare flax seeds finding homes between my teeth and gums, but that issue will work its way out, I'm sure.
Care to join us on our juicing adventure? I'd love to hear your ideas.
Well, I'm off to clean out the horse stalls and take the dogs for a hike. (all my extra energy, don't ya know.)
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