Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Good news and Bad news.

It wasn't pouring rain when I took the dogs for their walk this morning. That was certainly good news.
The giant puddle that Cooper likes to lay down in as he waits for Lucy to come down the trail was empty. Just really muddy.
He laid in it anyway.
(This isn't the puddle, but a creek and was taken a couple weeks ago. Just wanted to show you how he loves to lay in cold water. Or mud, apparently.)
Not such great news.

I drove home the other night from Gresham with my brights on the entire way because I had a headlight out and didn't want to get pulled over by the po-po and try to come up with my licence, registration and proof of insurance.
Not that I didn't have them.
I just didn't want to scramble around for them.

Good news: I didn't get pulled over. Yay!

So I drove 45 minutes with my brights on, blinding anyone coming my way. And a few from behind in their rear-view mirrors. If someone should be so rude as to flash their brights on me, I would flick off my brights to show them my burned out head-light, then, quick as a wink,(and maybe I smirked a little self-righteously) flick my brights back on.
When I arrived home, Rod told me he had replaced my head light a few days previously.
My sincere apologies if you are one of the dozens of people who had their sight impaired by my blunder.
Have a happy Monday all. :-)
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