Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Changes to the Blog

This used to be a place for us to post pictures and stories about our Bullmastiff puppies, back when we were selling them. Lots of fun, but you can only blog about them for so long.
Other things in life are much more important than puppies. (I can hear people gasping for air as I type that)
My brother-in-law Dan was here over the weekend and shared a video with us that his friend and co-worker, Seth Chase made. Dan and Seth live in Burundi, Africa and work with World Relief.
Although we were getting ready for a family BBQ, playing Guitar Hero on X-Box and just plain enjoying each other's company, this video as stuck with me. Actually, everything that Trina, Seth's wife writes on her blog sticks with me,too. I'll put a link so you can visit and see what I mean.
I pray that we can be changed by what we see there, changed enough to do something.
(I'll upload the video when I get permission from Seth. No pressure or anything. :-)

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