Friday, June 22, 2007

Harder than it seems

(This is an older post from a deleted blog)

So Rod and I have gone through (2 x only) the Way of the Master dvd series that Randy A received from Kirk Cameron. It was thoroughly convicting and we plan on changing our tactics in talking with people about Christ.Listen to this sermon by Ray Comfort called "Hell's Best Kept Secret" if you want to know more:

Before we might have tentatively offered Jesus almost as something new and different to try, something to improve and enhance your life. Now we see the need to be bold, let people measure themselves up to God's Law and see if they would be judged guilty or innocent on Judgement Day. Once they have concluded, as we all must(Romans 3:23) that they are guiltyand their eyes are open to the truth, THEN we can feel free to share the great Good News of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and how he paid their fine once and for all.

Yesterday, Rod went to work and shared(witnessed....) with two home owners whose houses he was working at. Yahoo Rod!!!!At the first house, with his heart pounding out of his chest, Rod asked how long they had lived in the area. The guy answered 12 years, I think. So Rod asked what church they went to. (LOL) The man hesitated and then said they hadn't gone to church for a long time, but used to attend a Presbetryian Church. So Rod told him all about our church, GSCC and invited him to come.When Rod called me and we talked about what was said, we realized that his talk with the guy was EXACTLY like what we USED to say! Nothing had changed!

But we were still encouraged as Rod headed to his next job.At his next house, Rod was able to openly share with the guy who then claimed to be saved already. I hope he is, and I will be praying for him this morning, but he is agianst church attendance and Rod wondered about other aspects of his lifestyle.I'm going to be actively praying for God to allow me to see people the way that he does; to love them, really, the way that he does.I want to share with them in such a way that my love for them and my fear of their potential final destination totally overwhems my fear of their rejection of me.
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