Saturday, June 23, 2007

My heros have always been cowboys...

(This is an previous post from my deleted blog....just consolidating)

Well, not always. But this time it's true. Maybe you won't agree with me that he is a hero, because he is simply being obedient and doing what he is supposed to. Nothing spectacular. Just a short conversation,some direct eye contact, a little listening, a few well-placed words and he is on his way again.But to me he is a hero. So many times we have programs about prayers, and seminars about giving. We watch dvds about witnessing and hears sermons about the persecuted church.Not that those are BAD things!! Those are GOOD!!But my husband tries to grow and tries to change when he learns from God's word.(James 1:22-25 comes to mind)Today Rod was at a client's home and prayed(before he went inside) for a chance to share the Good News with them. After some small talk, Rod was able to ask if the man ever thought seriously about death, Heaven or hell.(Nothing like being subtle, Rod!) The man nodded his head, and soberly answered, "Yes, all the time."When Rod asked if he had concerns about if he would be going to Heaven or hell, the customer said yes, he was worried about it. So Rod led him naturally through some of the ten commandments, God's laws, which point out to each of us how unworthy we are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It was obvious to Rod that the man's heart and conscience were open to hearing about Jesus.After a phone interruption, the customer came back and Rod was able to share how God sent His son to pay the penalty for our having broken His laws, and how by confessing and repenting, this man could go to sleep this night knowing for sure where he would spend eternity.They had some more conversation,then Rod finished up his work, packed up his truck and drove off.We will pray for this guy, as we did before Rod went in his house, and hope that the Holy Spirit will be doing a convicting work in his life as never before.But I am proud of Rod for not just hearing, but doing, for loving God's lost people enough to try to do something about it. I'm going to try to follow his example. I hope more people do.
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