Monday, November 17, 2008

Random thoughts in no particular order

I believe that is the actual meaning of particular order.

What an attention grabber that title is.

Woo! Some publishing company, or whoever writes titles for books, should snatch me up quick. I'm witty. And quite knowledgeable, obviously.

I haven't written for awhile so to break back into the blogging I came up with this following post:

Random thoughts from this morning. In no particular order. Fascinating. Really.

While I was jogging +walking =wogging: I sure hope no one buys this vacant house. I really enjoy jogging on their property and if someone lives here, they might kick me off. That could get ugly.

Still while wogging: Boy, if a bear attacked me right now, I kinda wished someone lived closer, like in that vacant house so they could come help me when they heard my screams for help. Kind of the classic catch-22. What ever that even means.

Still wogging: I wonder if my Reader Brenda is wogging right now. I should go faster. Or wog further. I should feel some sort of wogging competition well up within me...


Still wogging: my ipod "songs for running" folder is maybe a little too random as I go from these lyrics: "Oh what I would do to have the kind of faith to climb out of this boat I'm in, and into the crashing step out of my comfort zone into the realm of the unknown where Jesus is, and He's holding out His hands...etc.

To these lyrics:

"I need you,Boo....I gotta see you Boo... and the hearts all over the world tonight...said the hearts all over the world tonight...Hey Little Mama,ooh you're a stunner....etc..."

Both of these are wog-worthy. But still. I should organize.

While showering after wogging: gee this is really minty fresh conditioner! Hope it isn't mouth wash. Hope it works. Hope my hair stops falling out.

Looking at hundreds 27 half painted cupboard doors laying strewn around the house as though "Trading Spaces" had exploded here during the weekend: Gosh, I hope those hinges get here today so we can install these doors BEFORE we meet Josiah's girlfriend's parents for the FIRST time HERE Wednesday night. That would be rather awkward for me as I try to convince myself that it doesn't doesn't just doesn't matter...

(Here is our dining room table, covered by a few newly painted cupboard doors. The color is called "Mission Tile" not "Bozo's Hair: The Early Years.")

Still looking: Wonder if I can cover up that enamel paint smell with a nice,warm Chicken Tortilla Soup?
Dare I hope that Ashley's parents are handy with a paint brush and screwdriver?

Thanks for visiting. I'll be back soon. Promise.
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