Tuesday, November 4, 2008

May the Road Rise Up to Meet Ye

In this case, it is an Irish curse, not a blessing. I have a bonny condition known as Vestibular neuronitis which causes the lovely and abrupt onset of vertigo.

What is vertigo, you ask?

It is like you are riding a cool roller-coaster ride all the time. Without having to pay for it. And without the actual coaster. Or the fun.

It is when you walk about as if you have been drinking again.

It feels as though the spinning, it JUST WON'T STOP.

Please, road, stop all the rising up to greet me. Just stay where you are.

Rolling waves of nausea. They also rise up to greet me.

I always knew I hated sailing.

Dr. Grise just says to lay in bed with my eyes closed until it resolves itself. This has been since Thursday and although they are not quite ready to read a book or all my back log of blogs yet, my eyes are ready to be open.

Good things:

*I saved.

While Rod has been out hunting these last ten days, I should have been doing the female equivalent and been shopping. This is what I do.

*And I change decor. (I really use that term "decor" loosely. Ask my Reader Brenda.) But I think I finally figured out what color to paint my kitchen cabinets after really studying the Terra cotta tiles very closely. For about an hour. While I couldn't move.

*Rod will be home soon. Today!
*This incident gave my sis-in-law Tam a chance to drop a few incidents, showcasing the differences in our lives. Like this one:
Tam:Oh, this reminds of that time when I had altitude sickness from mountain climbing. Boy, was I sick!"
Me: retch-groan...
Tam:No, on second thought, this is more like when we were moving from one African country to another and I couldn't help because I was so dizzy. No doctor could pinpoint exactly what the problem was. They ran test after test...
Me: groan-whine-retch
Tam: No, wait! This totally reminds me of that time when we were rafting down the Nile River and I....
Okay, I added that last one in, but Tam would have added it if she could have figured out a way to seamlessly segue. Notice how she contracts glamorous conditions in exotic locals and I have a glorified pimple in my ear while laying on our StainMaster polymer? What is up with that?
Did I mention she is going to Switzerland in January? Gee, I hope she doesn't break a leg. Although, it would be a great story to use against me later. :-)

*I know that there is an end in sight. This made me empathize with my mother in law who is house bound, and in pain every day. The phone calls of encouragement meant so much to me, as did the warm meal that my wonderful niece made. My son and daughter who rushed up to make sure I was alive....or put their name's on things they wanted after I'm gone. Well. Whatever.

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