Monday, April 19, 2010

This is nice

I have no idea why I start typing a post and really have no focus or plan. That seems wrong somehow. And it lets you in on a little bit of my crazy.


It was my birthday weekend, which, surprise-surprise, is right smack-dab in the middle of my birthday month. It's really nice how that worked out for me.

So Saturday night I had a delightful evening of dining with friends at one of my favorite restaurants, The Rendezvous. Delicious Northwest-type food, a pleasantly casual atmosphere and, oh, by the way, it is two minutes away from my house which means I could walk there. If I wanted to. I don't. And I won't ever. But I COULD.

The company was divine and we laughed for hours and closed the place down. (okay, it was 9ish, but still...we closed the place down. Don't take that away from us.)
Also we ate oysters. (no, I didn't, but Dennis did and he sat across from me, so was almost as though I ate some. eeewww.)
And cat cheese. Which was goat cheese, but Rod said cat cheese which would be almost as gross as oysters.


Last night we met the kids and some friends at Buffalo Wild Wings for ....wait for it.....WINGS. Yum. We went there to watch the Trailblazers win. It was so loud, it sounded like we were at the game, except for we had WINGS. Yum.

Again, we had an excellent evening of food and family and laughing. So much fun.
No pictures because I did not bring the camera.

BUT if I had, you would have seen Rod's face when he slowly realised that he drenched, soaked, dumped and dipped his innocent wing into the scary-hot Blazin' wing sauce. We decided it was fire flavored...the blue part of the flame, because it is the hottest part. It was fitting.

Well, we didn't need to tell Rod that because he found out in the most unfortunate way....eating it. Josiah could not stop laughing as Rod's face got red, he began sweating and then his eye lids swelled. (Rod is fine, no need for prayers.)
Amy shoved her hamburger bun at Rod's mouth while Josiah continued guffawing.

In other news, Ashley made me a baby book for Max Riley. Maybe I should say that again.

Ashley MADE me a baby book for Max. (Max is Josiah and Ashley's baby who is due any moment,btw, and I will post about THAT in a day or two.)
I am astonished and impressed with people who can make things. Crafty people. I am not one.

It is beautiful and if Ashley would get on the ball and just have him already, I could begin filling the lovely, decorated pages with pictures of my grandson. :-)

Amy brought me the most gorgeous coffee mug from Starbux, THE OFFICE SEASON 5, hot salted caramel-chocolate, THE OFFICE SEASON 5, an exotic peanut satay sauce and....THE OFFICE SEASON 5.

I am not excited at all. But, if you try to call me today,you might need to leave a message because I have an urgent appointment at the Dunder Mifflin paper company. Please leave your name and number and I will get back to you as soon as I return.
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