Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not very sharp

Well, maybe I AM sharp.

You be the judge.

We did not have a real peaceful time of sleep the other night.

The sheets were not cooperating.

My legs and feets (yes, I typed in "feets" accidentally, but it made me giggle so I am leaving it in there) kept getting all tangled and twisted up in the sheets and I was not even comfortable at all, I tell you.

This is what I found when I woke up.

Apparently, I have toenails that will skin a buck.

Or at least fillet a steelhead.

You better watch out, Rod Meyer.

You better just watch out....

The end.

That WAS the end.

But the real ending happened when I went into our hall closet and got out another fitted sheet. This one is actually made for a pillow top bed. A really really fluffy pillow top bed, which ours is not. So when we put this "fitted" sheet on, it tends to slide around all night and we tend to be all grumpy and complain about it and ask who is going to Costco next, do we really have to go to Costco? Can't we just order some sheets online? Make sure the thread count is high enough.

No, I am no making any of that up. We enjoy bed.

I got this letter from Godfrey today. He is one of our Ugandan Compassion children.He says God is in his school, and that he loves us very much. (We love him, too)

In case you can't see it, he says he thanks God for the program because it provide eggs, blankets and books.

I wonder what thread count those blankets are?

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