Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My besties

In honor of the fact that Oprah is having a reunion of the original cast members from the movie "The Sound of Music", and I grew up singing those songs and can still belt them out in the most off-key voice you can imagine, which I do with gusto, I thought I'd make a list of my favorite things this week.

Plus, I was running this morning and IT WAS NOT RAINING, although my lungs did get an ice-cream head-ache. But the dogs and I did not give a fig. (what does that even mean??) We were thrilled to be out on the trail after a dismal couple days trapped by the flood waters and "exercising" on the elliptical.
And I really think Chopper and Lucy suffer from SADD. Sun-All-Dark..Depressed. Lucy slept for 23.5 hours yesterday. Then when she woke up, she was all tired and SADD looking.

But on to today and the LIST OF BESTIES!!

My first new thing this week, my Asics that I scored a great deal on. Yes, I know I already bragged on them. But two things:
1) I hadn't actually worn them out for a run. Now I did. They held up well on the trail. Yay!
2)I forgot that I already mentioned them yesterday and had to go back and look. Yep, I have a BIG life full of important facts and figures that need remembering.

The next thing would on the list would

have to be TEAVANA. My first taste of their White Ayurvedic Chai &Samurai Chai Mate began a troubling, but somehow liberating, conversation in my mind.
Could I cheat on my coffee? Could these warm, earthy and delightful teas take the place of my morning, noon,afternoon,evening joe? Maybe so, maybe so.

While at Costco this week I came across something that I might be willing to do a little prison ministry in order to get. From the inside. From the Hole, if need be. Just a little B & E.
They are sheets.
I don't believe they have a thread count as they are woven by angels using gossamer butterfly wings as fabric. They are Spalena sheets and bedding and can be found at your local Costco warehouse. Who knew?

While still at Costco, I found the Cast Iron Dutch Oven that I have been waiting

months for. The pictures do not do it justice and when I opened it I heard an Alleluia chorus of celebrity chefs including Bobby Flay and Cat Cora as well as the angels that had been working on the Spalena sheets.

I had a moment.

Visions of the two recipes that I will be making this weekend danced through my head :(They performed an exuberant tango)

A nice crusty artisan bread is easier to make than you might think!

Beef braised in beer and molasses served with garlic and mascarpone mashed potatoes.
No I am not kidding. Be jealous, be very jealous, then go make some for your own family. They will kiss your feet. Or maybe buy your some Spalena sheets....!!!)

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