Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stuff & Things

Very random week. Zig zaggy.

Cool new word, huh?

You can use it if you want. Just make sure you use it properly and in context.

Thank you.

We'll begin with the begin with the weather. It was very blowy, as Forrest Gump, would say.

I came home from the store Sunday morning (where I snagged the BEST deal on some Asic running shoes...40% off clearance! Yes! Score!) and I saw this on my front porch:

As I said, It was very blowy.

And very rainy. I am still not into the rain, and didn't run outside with the dogs and the new Asics yet. Chopper looks even more glum than usual.

I came in the house and smelled something.

No, it wasn't cinnamon or pumpkin bread. The dogs weren't busy with their fall baking while I was out.

It wasn't old socks or even a dish rag that had had seen better days.

No, one of the dogs decided they would disrespect the fact that I did not put them in the outside kennel on this rainy blowy day,and with nothing but love and kindness in my heart, allow them to stay inside on their leather couches cozy cedar dog beds.

Unwillingly and with growing horror and nausea, I followed my nose to this

I turned and ran with arms outstretched into the kitchen where I saw this:


Back to this:

Now over to this:

Sad, isn't it?

What is really sad is that I was just at the store, buying those Asics and I forgot paper towels.

If you think any toilet paper is going to work to pick up bull mastiff poo, you are sadly mistaken and I don't suggest you try it. Unless you are wearing disposable gloves. And have boiling water and antibacterial wipes and a hazmat suit ready. Just sayin'.

(I used and old shirt. Sorry, Amy. But you left here for the last 84 years. I figured you were over it. But I could wash it and get it back to you...?)

If you are upset with me for putting up pictures of dog poo, a couple things.

First,it is not as if you have never seen dog poo before.

I had to come home, find it, smell it, clean it up.

I should be able to glean something positive out of it and if that means taking a picture, downloading it, posting it and blogging about it so you can share in my agony, so be it.

"Carry each others burdens." Galatians 6:2

Thank you.

Now, because I feel kind of guilty, I'll throw you this bone. Baby Max in a tub. Just let the baby in the bubble bath erase all the horror.

All better


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