Monday, November 22, 2010

Dashing Through the Snow

So we got our first blanket of snow.
I love snow.
It covers up all the problem areas in our yard and makes it look like Narnia.
It is quiet and peaceful and beautiful.(please remind me of this when I am hating all the snow in February.Thank you.)

It doesn't quite cover all our mistakes. The cover for the grill,however, is buried in the snow next to the grill. We will find it in May, 2011.

Regardless of all the snowishness. I still need to hurry into town, go to Costco and then get my hair did.

According to the news, I need to do this NOW, this MORNING, before the icy claws of old Man Winter grip the entire area and all manner of havoc is wreaked.

The dogs are out of biscuits, and this is BIG.
They come inside after their morning romp in the snow and trot quickly over to the biscuit drawer and wait happily for it to be opened and them to get their snack. It is like Christmas every day.
This is what happened this morning, when they showed up at the empty biscuit drawer:
Sadness ensued. You could see their disbelief and watch as the hope died.
The disappointment was palpable.

So I must go over the river(s) and through the woods and snow to Costco. I will bring the dogs their biscuits so I don't have to experience their accusing eyes again.
So, which boots do I wear out into this Monday weather?The utilitarian Colombian snow boots with world class traction? Or the London Fog furry snow boots that look super cute?
Would it help to know that a mouse died in one of the furry boots a few weeks ago, and there is a possibility that one might be able to detect an unpleasant odor when I walk by?
Guess which boots I'm wearing?
(I am more shallow than you might think.)
(I'll use an extra spray of "Happy" this morning. Just in case.)
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