Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I thank God for the iPod

Seriously, don't you?

Also I am super happy this week about the CD by Third Day, Move.

I just thought how appropriate that is, as we have been going through a move this week with the kids moving in with us. (You might be hearing about that a time or 87. It is only fair. They get a roof over their heads. I get blog fodder.)

Back to Third Day and their great, great CD. I just have no words. But you should at least go take a listen.

This CD kept me running an extra .5 mile this morning with me imploding like a an old casino in LasVegas not noticing. (well, almost not noticing.)

I was running the loop while playing air guitar during "Everywhere You Go." Sweet!

The wild air drumming began on "Follow Me There."

And if you are not waving your arms like crazy while singing along with Mac and the guys on "Lift Up Your Face", well then...Go take a listen and then tell me you are not at least tapping your foot a few times or maybe warming up your favorite air instrument.
Honestly, this super sweet, Southern rock-gospel-hillbilly-pop-whatever just makes my heart sing loud and I worship from the inside out.
Kinda like how a microwave works.
I really wish I could go all Oprah on you and say "

But, I am not Oprah, and no one is paying me to say these words, or giving me free CD's to give away so you will have to go get your own. But I would love to hear if you like it as much as I do. Let me know!!
Have a good day, friends!
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