Thursday, December 22, 2011

Because I'm a giver...

It  has been arduous couple months around here. What with all the roly-poly puppy wrestling, breaking up puppy squabbles (ahem, Samantha),  eating puppy meals family style 3-4 times per day, puppy poo, friends visiting and children playing and hugging puppies, it has been a delightful but tiring season.
When you try to fit running a business, family and Christmas in around puppy time, things move fast.
So it was time to schedule a puppy vet visit/day spa and just rejuvenate.
We needed some quality "Me" time.
All the puppies were up for it and, with Reader Brenda's indispensable help, we loaded everyone up into the SUV and headed into G-Town.
 It was a quiet and uneventful trip and we enjoyed Christmas music along the way. While it was not exactly Silent Night, nobody was Rockin' Round the Christmas Tree. It was all good.
 Joy to the World.

Everyone is in excellent good health, although one of our little girls had a bit of a cloudy eye due to an eye infection when she was a week old, she is just fine, improving and no treatment is needed. The pups weigh from 8.00 lbs (Samantha) to 11.80. (Maximus)

Sure, we can play in here...but what's out THERE?

Zeus checking out the Vet's office
Brutus looking concerned with the vet and his super-assistant.
Ebony with Dr. Richards having her eye checked.
Lockjaw looking slightly concerned.
Poor, worried Maximus being examined.

Whoa, what a puppy! Dr Richards and his amazing assistant, Amy check out Brooklyn.

Random group shot.

Reader Brenda gets some snuggle time with itty bitty little Maximus.

Ebbie being held by the world's best vet assistant. And best daughter. Did I mention Amy is my girl? :-)

Brooklyn needed to be sedated (NOT!!) during his mani-pedi. They were so relaxed during this visit it was unbelievable.

Max lounging after his mani-pedi. Yep, these pups just need to rein it in and calm down.
Brutus really needed to be heavily restrained during his spa treatments.

Samantha resting after the exam. They obviously were very traumatized by their first vet visit. :-)

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