Friday, December 2, 2011

Eye of the Beholder

My photograpy skills are legendary.
Do not try to compete with them.
You will fail.
In an epic way.
I have lots of evidence.
Photograhic evidence.
Case in point:
Amy's photograph of Rod holding a puppy. (Maximas to be exact)
This was taken with her phone. In other words, not a great tool. But she made the puppy the center of the picture.
Now mine. Taken with an expensive Sony camera.
Words are not needed here.

As  I said, my photography skills are legendary for a reason.
This is it.

If you would like to see more amazing photographs from our trip to the zoo, please go to this blog post where my skills are documented for the world to see.

Especially if you are someone that has recently asked for my advice on what kind of camara to buy.(cough cough erich cough)
 Because, clearly, I have loads of talent and plenty of  solid advice.

I thought I would end our work week with a short video of our puppies. Because my life truly does revolve around puppies at this time.

My disclaimer on the puppy video is that I had to use my camera, rather than my Flip video because my Flip video is in FL on vacation with Josiah, Ashley and Max. The lighting is poor, so you can hardly see them or their new collars. Just use your imagination as to how cute they are.
That is all.

Okay, I'll add one more picture so everyone will know that their fat little piggy puppy is getting fed.
Puppy key:
Hagrid-turqouise (looks light blue)
Tiger-lime green
Samantha-brown floral

PS: I laid down a few sheets of newspaper under their dish, thinking this will help with clean up.
I don't know....what do YOU think?

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