Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Well, this is fun.

Puppies went to see the vet today. I think they enjoyed the car ride because nobody fussed too much. And there were no accidents in the car. (Accidents OR accidents, either one. Which is good.)

There were only two accidents at the vet's office. (I won't mention any names, but their initials are Winston and Alice.) But I was able to stealthily wipe it up before anybody even knew it happened.
Once Dr. Christiansen came in, it was all business.
Except for the occasional kiss, cuddle and coo. I finally had to remind the good doctor we were expect far more professional behavior. (Only kidding. We never let up with the kissing, the cuddles or the cooing.)

Buster is the biggest of the bunch, but barely, weighing in at 12 lbs.

Alice getting checked out. She had already somehow removed her collar before we even left home.
 To my great dismay, there was nothing wrong with your puppies. No heart murmurs on Winston or Buster no extra toes or tails on Alice or Bruce, no kennel cough for Earl and no goiter on Henry. The vet said they were healthy as could be.
  I'm not going to lie. Rod and I have discussed this and if anything was wrong with your pup, we would let you know, offer our condolences and keep your puppy. Please don't hold this against us, but we may have even prayed about it once or twice.
 (Only kidding.)
(Kind of.)
Stll Alice getting checked.

Earl getting weighed. He and Bruce weighed the same at 11lbs 15 oz.

Today, I am in the trenches with feeding every four hours, cleaning up every four minutes, and showering just to try to remove the puppy chow stench from my hair. But, I have to admit, today I got a little teary thinking of all these puppies going to their homes. I will miss them each so much.
Then I'll have a glass of nice wine and get over it. :-)
But seriously?
 I L.O.V.E. your puppies.
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