Monday, June 3, 2013

I love my job.

I am just hanging out lolling about in grass and playing with puppies today. (Yes, I said lolling. It fits.)
This is the puppies first day outside and they are enjoying as much, if not more than me. I fed them outside, they ate outside, they pooped and peed outside, they played outside and now they are sleeping outside.
So THIS is why we should only have puppies in the spring/summer.
Before I fall asleep from all the lolling I am doing, I have pictures of John and his family. They own April, who they have named Alice. Nice. They are looking forward to bringing her home in July, once they wrestle her away from Rod, who has a real fondness for her.
Alice and her new family.

Alice and her new Boy. :-)

Oh, this is our good friend, Dennis, who is asking if he can keep Henry. :-)
So, I'd best go back outside and "work" some more. Don't "loll" your eyes at me; this is rough work. But somebody needs to do it. Here are puppy pictures out in the yard.
I'll make these pictures extra large because I know some puppy people will be trying to pick out their own precious one. You're welcome.

Crazy Uncle Cooper watching over the puppies.
Last week, when the puppies mentioned being in prison and trying to break out, George, who owns Big Earl, sent this for them.
Nice. Too funny.
But Earl is receiving his four squares a day and really isn't in a hurry to break out. :-)

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