Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hello Sunshine

It is finally warm and sunny enough, and the puppies are big enough to be brought outside. I think you puppy owners are going to be shocked at how big your puppies are now. You probably won't even recognize them.
Here they are:
Only kidding. (I really crack myself up!)

Those are not your precious little bundle of joys. But yours are growing up, so be prepared!
Here are some pictures of your puppies out doors.

I don't know why this shot never gets old.

Make-out session

Stopping for a quick bite. Literally. A quick BITE. Poor Lucy.

Rolling around with puppy-friends. Jealous, much?

Last, but not least, meet Jen, our newest puppy owner. If you are FB friends with me, you have probably see her picture a few times with each of our bullmastiffs. Now, she finally gets one of her very own so she can leave mine alone. Hurray for Jen and her family!!
My headless husband handing Jen their newest family member.

Does she love him? (If she did, he would have a name.)

Is she happy? (If she wants me to be happy, she'll tell me his name.)
And, last but not least in this picture-rich puppy blog:

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