Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Avast, Matey!

I've been reading other people's posts about how God is working in their lives, and posts with titles like "How to Have a Mary Spirit," and "When I'm on My Knees." Good stuff. Stuff you can learn from.
So I figure we can get fluff here.
That said, tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I am not kidding.


Don't you think you needed to know that? Exactly. Me, too.
You also probably need a pirate name.

Here you go:

http://gangstaname.com/pirate_name.php Go to this site to generate your very own pirate name. Think of the fun you can have.

I am Pirate Dora the Bitter.
Cool, huh? (and yet, strangely appropriate)
So, celebrate tomorrow by talking like a pirate. But please try to keep your pillaging and looting to a minimum.
Thank you. And Arrrggggg!
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