Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's all about ME

I know it's not really, but I was pretty encouraged this weekend, so I felt like it might have been at least partially about me.
We finally received an email from Josiah letting us know he was safe. Part of the email is posted down below in the update section.
It felt SO GOOD to hear from him, I just can't explain it. Huge sigh.
Then last night I won a drawing for "Facing the Giants" A great football movie. WooHoo!! Wendy, the lady I won it from is sending it straight to Josiah, so isn't that neat? (Yes, it is!) You can visit her blog here and see my winning moment as well as a really creative site and cute family.
Finally, to cap off my day, I got a phone call from my sister and friend last night after they had been to church. Brenda said that the message had been on friendship, and how blessed you are if you have a friend who keeps you on track. Well, she thought of me, and proceeded to tell me all the ways I do this for her. (granted, she didn't stand up in church and share our friendship testimony like REAL grateful friends would do, but still. Just kidding, Brenda!)
So, what an encouraging weekend it has been!

Of course, Sunday's not over yet, so maybe I should just keep my head down or stay in bed today....

Josiah update: Here is a part of his email to us yesterday morning:
Hey guys, I got to sharona FOB (forward operating base) about 4 days ago. I took a 6 seater plane to get over here and it was awesome the pilot was insane! We had to to a combat landing which means the pilot has night vision goggles on and no lights on in or outside the plane. Also the FOB we are at is a blackout base which means there are no lights on at night what so ever everything is black so the enemy cant see us and the lights off in the plane obviously so they cant see the plane landing and shoot a rpg at it. So anyways the pilot drops into a nose dive from about 10,000 feet swerving left and right (combat maneuvers) until we land. We hit the runway pretty hard and no one knew what was going on because we couldn't see anything we thought we got hit by something until we felt the brakes being put on. So yeah it was a pretty crazy, but it was a fun flight.
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