Thursday, December 27, 2007

Love Hurts

And breaking up is hard to do.

I'm having another sing along, so join in.

This is a sad sing along, rather like a dirge, really, as we say good-bye to our puppy friends.

Love Hurts. The truth of it bears repeating.

All By Myself....don't wanna be...All By Myself...anymore.....(sound of wretche and heart-broken weeping)

But it's all good. Really. We have met some great dog people who will send us pictures EVERYDAY of their new best friend. (It's in your contract. Read it.)And if we hadn't had the puppies, we wouldn't have had the wonderous experience of seeing all these cute little guys every day for the past 7 weeks. We've enjoyed it all. It was so worth it.

No Puppy No Cry. (Hope Bob Marley doesn't mind me taking liberties)

We know that all of you are going to love the puppies even more (bah haha) than us. And we are looking forward to not having to clean up all the little messes that seem to get bigger every day.

I ain't missin' you at all....since you been gone....away.

See? We're fine. No problem. Buh-bye. These tears? Why they're nothing. Just...the tears of a clo-o-o-oww-w-wn...when there's no one around.

And remember, all of you. We'll be watching you...every step you take, every move you make, we'll be watching you.

So, go. Enjoy your lives.

I ain't missin you at all.

I ain't missin you.

Ain't missin you...
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