Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dodge Trucks everywhere you look

Alright, I haven't posted this because then people will know that I get together with a group of people who live to beef up their trucks. Actually, I live with one of them, so I should not be ashamed.
I finally decided to post these pictures because I went over to Ang's blog,, and saw the delightful dinosaur that is her son, Jake. He is also a Dodge truck fanatic. Actually, I think he likes to know what everyone drives. He kind of dismissed us, because our Dodge truck was "purple." I am so embarrassed.
The trucks look pretty cool when they are all lined up and driving down the highway. One guy had a Ford( cough cough) that he had painted as a tribute to his brother who was killed in Iraq last year. Very touching.
Anyway, Jake, all these trucks are for you. Enjoy!
Diane (owner of the purple Dodge)
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